Monday, March 20, 2006

Yogurt Maker

Ians Easy Yogurt Factory

I picked up a yogurt maker on ebay, descided it would be easier than messing around with any of the "home brew" methods. It will probably run to hot, but i have a plan to lower the temp :) According to the SCD diet the yogurt has to be made at between 100F and 110F. Details here.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Probiotics have arrived.

My Probiotics and yogurt starter arrived today from Custom Probiotics, its currently sitting in the fridge at work.

I thought there would have been more volume in the bottles, there only about 10% full. I will email the company just to confirm this is correct.

Just say no to Sugars!

I definately have a major problem with sugars. Anything that is even mildly sugary causes me grief and its a cumlative process. For a while i thought this was salicylates in food, but that idea was thrown out the window because ripe pears were worse than unripe ones (sugar increases with ripening) and I have no problem with almonds (which are super high in salycilates).

last week I have a couple of hand fulls of grapes, bad idea!

My theory is that the sugar is feeding a yeast (candida?) overgrowth or something similar.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Appointment with a new Doctor

I have an appointment with a new doctor next on 21st March, been reccomended by two different people. He is a GP but specialises in nutritional medicine. Fingers crossed he will be of some use.

Constipation Back!

Well my constipation has come back, usually i suffer from super slow transit and incomplete evacuation. But this weekend something has irritated my bowel bigtime and i'm passing pebbles! Possible culprits are Colvan Potato Chips or Coconut Cream.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Good Article on Prebiotics

This article is quite interesting, had a good description of fructo-oligosaccharides and Inulin, it has some good links also.

The site also contains some good info on probiotics in general.

Delayed Shipping

My order only shipped from Custom Probiotics yesterday, so it should arrive late next week.

I found another probiotic supplement that might be ok, its called Lactobac and is made by a company called Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals. I contacted the company and it doesnt contain a prebiotic like ogliofructose. The only other ingredients are rice maltodextrin and vitamin c (as preservative).

Been taking the Mag Oxide again today, feeling better.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Maybe the Inner Health is a no go?

Well i was feeling pretty crappy last night and this morning. Not sure wether it is my bowel backing up due over the last 4 days since not taking the mag. oxide, or it could be the stevia i've been having on breakfast, but i think it is probably the Oligofructose in the Inner Health Plus.

Today i skipped breakfast, took 1 tsp of mag. oxide and had a decent bowel movement and probably will continue through out the day. Definately feel better now that my stomache feels likes its emptied.

So today i cut out the Inner Health Plus and no stevia also. Will see how it goes.

The Probiotics should be here from Custom Probiotics later in the week or early next week. They dont contain any Oligofructose, so i may tolerate them better.

Also it ends up that not all Natren probiotics are available in Australia, however their Megadophilus® - Dairy Free is, its just rebadged as Natren DFA (Dairy Free Acidophilus). This also contains no Oligofructose so it could be a ok in the future.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Revised version of SCD

I think i'm going to go with a modified version of the SCD at the moment. Basically i'm still going to include a two of the "illegal" foods. I'm going to keep going with the Brown Rice Puffs I have at breakfast; they add some bulk to the meal and there to hard to cut out at the moment with the restrictions on my diet. The other one i'm going to leave in is plain potato chips, however i am going to limit my intake of them.

This means that a small amount of potato and rice will still be in my diet, but the bulk of it compared to what i was eating before is gone. Since that the SCD is mainly aimed at people with Crones, IBD or UC it makes sense to have some modifications. These two foods do increase my carbohydrate intake which is not good for Candida, but hopefully after doing the bowel cleanse, cutting out sugars, lowering my carbs and including the probiotics this should be enough to get things under control and give my body some time to heal.

There is one other modification i have also made and that is to include Lactobacillus Bifidus, this is shunned by the SCD diet, due to possibility of it over growing, however there seems to be quite a bit of reference to it being beneficial for people with constipation predominant bowel problems.

Date 2 of Probiotics

I took the reccomended 2 doses of the Inner health Plus Dairy Free yesterday and one dose this morning. It seems to be giving me some cramps in the stomache, not sure if this is due to the actualy probiotics or the Oligofructose, anyway will perservere and see how it goes.

I still havent taken any magnesium oxide since last friday.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Back on the Salts

I havent taken the magnesium oxide since Friday and i had no bowel movement on Saturday or Sunday. However i took my usual epsom salts on sunday night and had a decent bowel movement at about 10:30am on Monday.

I also took some Inner Health Dairy Free this morning for the first time, so will be interesting to see how it goes. I will change over to the probiots from custom probiotics when they arrive.

The Inner Health Dairy Free Powder contains Oligofructose and there seems to be mixed opinions on wether this is a good thing.

Still going strong with the almond milk with no adverse reactions. The only grains i'm really eating are is the puffed brown rice at breakfast, which i will probably cut out once i get the yogurt happening.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Probiotics Order

I ordered the yogurt starter from Custom Probiotics and also ordered some L. Acidophilus. The shipping should take 2-5 days and the cultures are temperature stable for 1-2 weeks, so they should arrive in ok shape.

Havent taken the magnesium oxide today or yesterday, just curious to see what will happen.

Another Probiotic i will look into in the future is Natren, a US company, although it is available in Australia. They also make a yogurt starter, but its dairy based.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Search for Dairy Free Yogurt Starter

Well today i've been in search of a dairy free yogurt starter which i can get shipped to AU. So i can make some almond milk yogurt from the recipe on Pecan Bread. Hopefully this should get some good bacteria inside me, with out to much stress on my system.

The first one i looked at was ProGurt distributed by GI ProHealth. I tried to order some, but the checkout isnt working on their website and their contact email is dead.

So I started looking for other options before resorting to phoning GI ProHealth. Through the Pecan Bread mailing list i came across a dairy free starter from Custom Probiotics, they ship internationally also. I have currently emailed them with a few questions, the website says that the probiotics should survive the shipping ok.

I have been continuing with the Magnesium Oxide each day, taking 1 tsp on the morning. Makes my bowel work much much better and i'm eating so much more!

Breakfast - Rice Puffs and home made almond milk
Lunch - Salad, Pumpkin Mash, Canned Salmon and Smiths Chips
Dinner - Yet to come, but that lunch is a damn side better than it used to be.
I realise that Rice Puffs and Chips are a no no, but i'm easing myself in.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And so it Begins

Well this is the start of my blog to document my search for a cure to my digestive issues.

My systems are predominantly constipation based with a miriad of other wacky symptoms. Including sore and swollen mouth, weight loss (45kg), low appetite, increased intestinal permiability, malabsorbtion and lots more.

I have had a colonoscopy, fructose and lactulose intolerance tests, blood tests, colon transit study and all of these didnt really prove anything.

I am currently experimenting with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, although I am easing myself in.

My problems are definately food based and the last thing I tried was a diet low in Salycilates and Amines, but it achieved nothing and actualy made me feel worse.