Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Maybe the Inner Health is a no go?

Well i was feeling pretty crappy last night and this morning. Not sure wether it is my bowel backing up due over the last 4 days since not taking the mag. oxide, or it could be the stevia i've been having on breakfast, but i think it is probably the Oligofructose in the Inner Health Plus.

Today i skipped breakfast, took 1 tsp of mag. oxide and had a decent bowel movement and probably will continue through out the day. Definately feel better now that my stomache feels likes its emptied.

So today i cut out the Inner Health Plus and no stevia also. Will see how it goes.

The Probiotics should be here from Custom Probiotics later in the week or early next week. They dont contain any Oligofructose, so i may tolerate them better.

Also it ends up that not all Natren probiotics are available in Australia, however their Megadophilus® - Dairy Free is, its just rebadged as Natren DFA (Dairy Free Acidophilus). This also contains no Oligofructose so it could be a ok in the future.


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