Friday, March 03, 2006

Search for Dairy Free Yogurt Starter

Well today i've been in search of a dairy free yogurt starter which i can get shipped to AU. So i can make some almond milk yogurt from the recipe on Pecan Bread. Hopefully this should get some good bacteria inside me, with out to much stress on my system.

The first one i looked at was ProGurt distributed by GI ProHealth. I tried to order some, but the checkout isnt working on their website and their contact email is dead.

So I started looking for other options before resorting to phoning GI ProHealth. Through the Pecan Bread mailing list i came across a dairy free starter from Custom Probiotics, they ship internationally also. I have currently emailed them with a few questions, the website says that the probiotics should survive the shipping ok.

I have been continuing with the Magnesium Oxide each day, taking 1 tsp on the morning. Makes my bowel work much much better and i'm eating so much more!

Breakfast - Rice Puffs and home made almond milk
Lunch - Salad, Pumpkin Mash, Canned Salmon and Smiths Chips
Dinner - Yet to come, but that lunch is a damn side better than it used to be.
I realise that Rice Puffs and Chips are a no no, but i'm easing myself in.


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