Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I had an appointment with my doctor to get the results of my gastroscopy and blood tests. The gastroscopy was pretty much normal except for a slight ulceration around where my esophagus meets my stomach, but nothing to worry about. The blood tests showed that was a bit anemic and b12 was low.

I also had a Candida test which was positive, I was pretty sure this was case as from my recent research my symptoms indicated it. I assume this leads back to when I took a long course of antibiotics in my teens for acne. It also runs hand in hand with the malabsorbtion and leaky gut.

So treatment is;

1). Digestive enzymes to digest proteins better
2). L-Glutamine to heal the gut
3). Probiotics to make everything nice and happy
4). No sugar the Candida has less to eat, this includes no fruit and reduced sweet foods.
5). Clean out my colon, by taking a magnesium oxide cleanse for 5 days and then having 6 appointments for colon hydrotherapy. This should clean the Candida out.

I plan on going at a slight slower pace that the doctor advised, due to the sensitivity of my system. At this stage I have been taking the digestive enzymes for 2 days and that seems to be ok, I'll continue for another few days before I introduce the probiotics.


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