Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Small Steps

I seem to be going ok with taking the various supplements.

What i am taking is:

1). Custom Probiotics L.Acidopholus powder (1 scoop before b'fast and 1 scoop before dinner)
2). Freeda Multi-Vitamin (1/2 a tablet with b'fast)
3). Metagenics Metagest (1/2 tab with b'fast, 1 tab with lunch and 1 tab with dinner)

I have just order some more probiotics from Custom Probiotics, a 100g L.Acidophulis powder and bottle of Adult CP-1 Formula. I haven't tried these tablets as yet, but will give them a go, they contain 6 different strains, so hopefully will be better if i can tolerate them.

My bowel is working better and I feel that the multivitamin has helped alot, although i have to be careful to not take to much or it makes my head race and i cant sleep. In general i am sleeping alot better, which has helped alot.